Monday, October 3, 2011

Severina Porno

Severina - Croatian singer/actress: Full hotel-made sextape (.avi)

For those who missed the previous uploads.

Description from original uploader:
Severina (Vuckovic) is a famous singer and actress from Croatia. 
In 2004 a sex tape leaked onto to internet showing her and a wealthy, 
married business man during some quality time in a hotel room. 
Apart from him being married this tape was a big scandal
in her home country because she alwas portrayed the innocent, 
catholic girl/woman who `preached` abstinence and morals when 
appearing on TV or other media. 
But after all this tape boosted her carreer
(who would have thought that)...

If you`re into ethnic music you should also check out her songs,
she`s as good a singer...
In 2006 she represented Croatia in the ESC
(European Song Contest) in Athens,
her song: Moja stikla

Duration:  11:43 mins.
Format:  .avi
Resolution:  720 x 576